I Got Stress Of My Friend

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I got stress of my friend. He is my best friend in Saudi Arabia. He died for drifting. He was drifting in the please without any safety tools.
The types of stress do ESL student in America experiences are homework and tests, money and death of best friend. These are a majors for students have. First of all, stress of homework and tests are unhealthy. Teachers gave students too much homework, online homework and worksheets due in next day. I will get stress and how can I do that just for one day? In other hand, I will get more stress if the homework difficult. During the Tests is describe the student if he/she study well or not, students will get confuse and difficult. . Then, If I don’t study I can’t answer the whole questions, I will be negative to myself. Sometimes, I get confuse when I wright the answer in the test. Then, if I study well the day before a test, I can get good points on it. Such as grammar, writing or reading. That will be a big success to me. Why is unhealthy? because I can’t sleep well and I can’t eat because stress. For example, I read 30 pages or more I get stress. And then, I got bad score in test. Also, that’s make a lot of students to get low grades. Second, I don’t have time to do my homework. I think almost half students have the same thing. For example, I always come home late because I finish school at 2:30 PM. On Tuesday and Thursday. I finish at 5:00. So, I live in Cheney and I should get 2 busses to go home every day. When I came home, I

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