I Had Became A Leader Essay

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I’ve never been a leader. Growing up, whenever my friends wanted to play a game or do something I would just go along with it. I never argued because I hated conflict. I always chose to follow them. I grew up thinking that being a leader was something you were born with. My friends were supposed to lead and I was supposed to follow. Being a leader meant being bossy and opinionated. I was wrong. This quarter I have learned that I, too, can be leader and all it takes is practice honing my skills.
As a leader, I will lead a team that is ethically responsible. Through possessing a positive attitude, being dependable, being responsible and showing integrity I will show my team that I am someone they can trust. Respect has to be earned, but I always give respect when I meet a person and from then on it can either go up or it can go down whichever way that person wants it.
There are 5 big traits that I want to possess as a leader. Agreeableness and conscientiousness are my most prominent traits. Extroversion, open to new experiences and neuroticism are my least prominent traits. I believe I need to emphasize being extroverted as a leader. Talking to people and being social is something I believe a leader should know how to do to communicate. I think my agreeableness needs to be downplayed. I struggle with saying no and feeling like I need to do whatever I can whenever I can. Leaders have to make tough decisions and turn things down sometimes. I struggle with that. Knowing that I

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