I Have Chosen The Burger King Corporation.The Burger King

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I have chosen the Burger King Corporation. The Burger King corporation main focus is on the customers they serve and the strategies they use to continue the growth and development of their company. Burger King uses the integrated cost leadership/Differentiation business strategy.
Strategies in business are instrumental for the continued growth and expansion of a company. A strategy is a set of analytic techniques that are used to influence the direction of the firm 's growth in the marketplace (Raimundo, 2001). Business strategy enables company to match its internal capabilities and its external environment. Also, their research helps them plan and assists the company to realize its objectives and mission set at its inception and …show more content…

Burger King has developed programs to help employees become better educated and instruct them in the business field through leadership training. They continues to offer trainings as well as a review programs that offer managers an insight on how their particular style of management is either benefitting the core values or if adjustments need to be implemented to assure that the managers are completed capable of managing their individual locations. They offer a 12-week intensive training program for all store managers.
Because of struggling sales and the growth of burger chains across the county and the demands of changing lifestyles Burger King and other fast food chains are beginning to struggle not only with maintaining the current customer base but to attract more customers.
Burger King recently changed not only their business strategy but their corporate strategy to assist in the growth and continued on July 1, 2013 Burger King replaced it CEO with Daniel Schwartz a 33 who instantly began the restructuring the entire company and growing the brand.
Schwartz began hiring a young management team and they have turned the struggling burger chain into a cash generating machine.
On their corporate level the new CEO and his team him to believe that the complicated menu was slowing down orders. So, he simplified the burger chain 's offerings to include dishes that are easier to assemble.

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