I Interned For The Copa Shorts Film Festival Essay

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I interned for the COPA shorts film festival from August to December. I was a film reviewer, and my duties and responsibilities were to essentially review any short films that were assigned to me, and then write a review and rate them accordingly. I would be emailed whenever a new film was sent to me via a website called FilmFreeway. Because my internship was primarily an online one, my schedule was flexible, which gave me the opportunity to work at my own pace, rather than at a fixed time every week. I was work around 4-5 (maybe more, depending on how long the film is) hours a week, reviewing any films that came my way. Shelley, my internship supervisor, understood that I was a full-time student and made sure that I was given ample time to watch and review these films. The way the website operated was that I would sign into my account, and all of the videos that are assigned to me would be available for viewing. I would watch the films as many times as I felt necessary. If I watched a film more than 4-5 times, that usually meant that I found it perplexing, and difficult to understand. After I am done viewing these films numerous times, I would take time to contemplate what I wanted to say about this film. I would write down bullet points about what I wanted to say for my review. I would then take these bullet points and attempt to write a rough draft of a cohesive review. I would read over the draft, and skim past the film to see if there’s anything I missed. I would then

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