I Plan For My Lesson Plan

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When it comes to classroom procedures, I plan to try to keep the routine the same unless instructed to do differently. This will provide structure for my lesson plan(s) and will also give the students an idea of what to expect on a daily basis. The lessons will be structured to promote a self-starter mindset, a sense of independence within the learning process, and teamwork. The agenda for the day will be written out on the whiteboard for students to see, as they walk into the classroom. They will have until the tardy bell rings to gather all of the resources and materials that they will need during class. Each day, they will start off with a Bell Ringer assignment to get their minds focused on the topic for the day and/or to review the concepts that we have previously gone over as a class. They will have 10 to 15 minutes to complete this activity, as I take roll. The Bell Ringer for each class period will be recorded in their journals, which should be an easy extra credit assignment. Once the students, as a class, have signaled that they are done, we will go over it together to find out how the class responded as a group to this assignment. Next, we will move into the lesson plan for the day and go over new concepts that students will need to learn.
During this time, I will use the Interactive Balanced Approach to teaching to deliver the lesson plan. This approach provides meaning through the use of both the text and the student. The most important components are…

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