Lesson Plan Justification and Analysis Essay

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Analysis of the three identified stages stated on the lesson planner shall take place within this assignment. Links will be shown between the teaching methods that were incorporated in this lesson planner which met particular learning characteristics, traits and needs of the group or an individual(s) and relevant educational and theoretical principles. The lesson planner has been placed in the appendices, as a referral resource, for this assignment. An area on the lesson planner labelled, ‘Implementing the Lesson,’ (see Page 5 of Appendices One) illustrates the timings and activities of the session. Out of these the following three timings and activities that the learners completed, have been chosen. Firstly, I will examine the …show more content…

However, Thaine (1996b) defended the usefulness of session planning and argued that if the tutor chose to make things up as they went along – having no real indication of the session aims or outcomes, “then nothing useful or meaningful can be achieved,” (Malamah-Thomas, 1987: 3) for either party. It is based upon this principle, therefore that the session aims and outcomes were written on the Smartboard for my learners. Although, I also understand that this process will not appeal to all learners. However, my placement does not categorise learners according to their learning styles considering these questionnaires to have failings and that they, “are not foolproof,” (Mainwaring, 2009: 249) and so I was unable to complete Box 3.1 (see Appendices One). I can understand this process of not categorising your learners as Mainwaring (2009: 249) states, “it is useful to develop your ability to work with other learning styles,” and not to, “refuse to work with ‘listening’ or ‘doing’ materials,” (ibid). However, since submitting this lesson plan I can determine that three are kinaesthetic learners, whereby they, “think best when moving,” (ibid). The remaining two learners prefer, “rules when learning numeracy techniques,” (ibid). Although, Box 1.3 (see Appendices One) has stated that there were 9 learners on the register, this has since been reduced to 5 learners, JO’C, GP, JG, RS and TT. Therefore,

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