I Spoke With My Friend, A Co Worker, And A Family Member

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I spoke with my friend, a co-worker, and a family member. The conversations were rich with different perspectives and ideas. My friend was born in Mexico and raised in the United States. Culture to him is anything related to his native country, Mexico. This includes traditions, custom, food, norms, and music. Indeed, he considers himself to have strong ties to the Mexican culture. He speaks Spanish, hangs out with Mexican friends, eats Mexican food, and listens to Mexican music. He is also proud of his background and culture. He said, “My culture defines who I am”. In his opinion, culture does not necessarily play a direct role in education or economic success. Nevertheless, family has the biggest influence on one’s economic …show more content…

The second person I interviewed was my co-worker. She grew up in two different countries, Jordan and the United States. She believes that culture is not necessarily linked to the traditions, values, or norms of any specific country. However, it is defined by the values, and morals that every individual holds. In that sense, culture is not fixed but dynamic and changeable, “my culture changes over time, it grows with me”. She also believes that culture is an extremely important concept that shapes every single aspect of one’s life. One’s own culture can be a key to success or straight-ticket to failure, “it’s our responsibility to create a culture that suits our needs and goals”. In her opinion, students whom believe in themselves and have a positive outlook on life automatically have legs up in education and workforce. These students tend to study more, seek more opportunities and develop professional skills, which increases their educational and economical success. On the other hand, students with low self-esteem and gloomy outlook on life won’t get far neither in school nor in real life. These students suffer from “negative culture”, as she calls it.
My co-worker’s educational experience is unique. She studied elementary school in Jordan, where the schooling system is rigorous and rigid, but forces students to work hard by pushing them to their limits. “This rigid school system was stressful but taught me tenacity”. She

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