I Want To Break Stereotypes

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girls. Girls are moody and hormonal but apparently I like to break stereotypes because I never was. Other than trying to kill myself by doing dangerous things I was a really easy going child. When I turned 14 I started to act like a brat but it didn’t get anywhere so I stopped after trying for a couple months. The only mood swings I have are OCD cleaning moods. I will let my room fall to pieces and then one day I will wake up and spend hours cleaning and organizing everything enjoying is as I go. My friend Regan always tries to do to much. He has all of these projects going at once and ends up failing to get any of them done and is just left wth a mess. Before he left he told me his landlord, a really good friend of his, might be moving into the house while he was gone. His landlord showed up yesterday and he plans to clean everything up: taking the junky cars out of the yard, cleaning the tools up in the shop, clearing out of the house, there is a lot of work to do and I am so excited! Working with Regan I didn’t care his place was a mess we just worked together. That is I didn’t care until about a month ago my OCD streak came out and I got super paranoid about it, I was working with Regan several days a week and the mess just got old.…show more content…
Every-time I see the faintest glimmer of him caring I realize I’m not done with him and deep down I still care and want him to care about me too so I get my hopes up, but then he always lets me down again. I am not a violent person, I rarely swear, and I hate fighting with people. Somehow whenever I am talking to my dad all of those things bubble up inside of me, I get violent, angry, and I can honestly say that he is the only person I’ve ever sworn at. I hate being that person, but I’m so stupid that if I get the chance to see him I jump at it. I hope eventually I can tell myself I’m done with him and deep down it will actually be true and I can be free from the
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