I Want To Change School Hours Essay

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One reason why people might not want to change the school hours is because of the effect it might have on after school activities. If the schools starting hour is pushed back a little later in the morning then the time of dismissal will be later in the day. Which can affect those in any after school activities by reducing the time of availability for practices and matches(National Sleep Foundation). Though this may be true but in middle school there are not as many after school activities as in high school so it will not affect middle school as it may affect high school. Also by cutting out any after school activities that are not as popular as others or ones that do not benefit the school in any way, there can be more space and time for the other ones. Another reason why someone may feel that school starting later in the day may be a bad idea is because any teacher working or helping with any after school activities will have to go home later in the day and have less time with their family(National Sleep Foundation). This statement also may be true but a study shows that in practice teachers rarely find this to be true.

A poll found that 60% of children
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Sleeping is very important for the human body, when students don't get the required amount it can lead them to do not so well in school. Schools should be shortened for middle and high school students. This is important because it will very much help the students and the teachers by focusing more on their school work and succeeding in the future with the skills they learned in school. If schools throughout the world changed the time of the schools openings to a little later in the morning then it will become a better future for many of the current students and many more to come. People need to take this seriously and try it out so they can know for a fact that students that get the required amount of sleep will do better in
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