I Want To Quit Cigarettes

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I have found that everything I had managed to do was very helpful and accurate. By being able to gain people’s support helped me a lot in a sense of getting all the advices and support that I needed to be able to quit cigarettes. People’s support made me gain a lot of self confidence that I am capable to achieve my goals. I was able to gain my health back in so many ways by noticing that I no longer have the oral fixation. On top of that, the staining on my lips, gums, teeth, and fingers. I also gained most of the weight back that I have lost, which is beyond amazing how quitting cigarettes can gain my appetite back. I am definitely able to breath and smell things way better. Getting rid of all the triggers also helped me psychological to eliminate that bad habit. Putting my …show more content…

A similar situation that I have experienced was that I wanted to become a vegetarian, because I have always had the thought that it was healthier. I sometimes called myself an opportunistic vegetarian, meaning I didn’t go out of my way to eat meat but if it was served to me or if I had craved it, I would eat it. Looking back, I think I was unable to make the complete switch to vegetarianism because I lacked the confidence to do so. After I had went through the experience with quitting cigarettes, I was able to be more confidence and be able to accomplish something that I had wanted to do for a long time and be able to control my weakness. My family had supported me on it, because they always wanted to become vegetarians due to their health issues. Therefore, I was able to encourage myself and encourage them as well. I also made a visit to the doctor in order to give me the right diet so I would be able to gain all of the nutrition that I needed. I finally was able to accomplish this experience by having my families support, and as well with the help of my

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