I Was A Wild One Essay

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She was a wild one. A seeker of thrill, she lived from one adrenaline rush to the next. Her life was a life of “apparent bliss,” as most of her days were filled with climbing mountains to watch the glorious Hawaiian sunrises, diving off 50-foot cliffs into mouth-wash colored, bathwater-temperature oceanic paradises, surfing with sharks, lazing around on white sandy beaches under palm trees, or enjoying an ice-cold fruit punch while resting in a hammock overlooking the ocean. Privileged enough to have parents that brought her up understanding the difference between right and wrong and how a Christian young woman should conduct herself, the knowledge and information rested at her fingertips. Although she was popular, pretty, smart, funny, outgoing, and had everything going for her in life, she had one problem: Boys. In her case, she itched for freedom, and the thought of taking a swing at life her own way excited her more than taking the advise of others and her parents. Looking back, although no one anticipated the outcome, it is easy to understand why what happened, actually happened. The little choices my friend had been making all the way up until this point in her life were preparing her for what was ahead, but she failed understand just how catastrophic the effects truly would be. It really is true - the choices you make early on determine your destiny. The thoughtless thoughts that you don’t think really matter all that much actually matter a lot. Even words that

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