I Was The Best Player

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As I ran out on to the field, I could feel the sweat beads running down my forehead. The pounding of my heart echoed in my ears like beats from a drum. Smelling the sweat that dripped off people 's bodies, I could tell everyone warmed up hard for this game. Everyone knew this game was a great deal, since it was the game that would take us to the championships. It was a scary event for my whole team. I had planned to play as ferociously as possible. Being the best player on my team I knew that the team was relying on me to win this. So winning meant everything to me in that moment. The fact that I was the best player meant that tons of pressure was on me. I felt as if it was all my responsibility to take the team to victory. …show more content…

When I woke up my mom was there standing over my bed. Everything was grey in my hospital room, and it had a really sad ambiance to it. It was all befuddling due to the fact that I had no idea about how I ended up in the hospital.
“Oh honey, are you okay? Does anything hurt?” worriedly mom cried. “No, I’m fine. I feel a little bit sick though,” I said weakly. At that very moment the door opened and the doctor emanated from behind the door. “Don’t worry, you’re fine Patrick you just have a condition that is very common. We will have to make some amendments to how you play. Particularly in your games more than in your practices. The effect of this happening is that you will start taking pills before practices and games. You will need to tone it down a little at games,” said Doctor Stevens. “Wait, what? I can’t do that. The team depends on me to win the games. I’m the best player on the team,” I argued. “Honey, please do this for me,” begged my mom. “Fine, but I definitely don’t like this and i will continue to play hard during games,” I sighed. “Just try not to push yourself too hard,” said Doctor Stevens.
Trying to do what the doctor and my mom asked me to. I started to take my medicine before practices and games. It tasted bitter with a hint of asphalt. There was this one important game in a tournament that I had. I especially did not want to take medicine for that game. "Please mom! I really do not want to take the

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