I am Maria Montessori and I want to Start a School Essay

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I am Maria Montessori; I was born in a very small town in Italy named Chiaravalle. This was in the 1870’s, my family was well educated and wealthy, but because I was a girl I could only follow certain traditional expectations for a woman. The most appropriate in my era for a woman, was to become a teacher. However, I have a lot of interest in science and I really want to go to medical school and become a doctor even if I have to break tradition to pursue my dreams. I am very persistent and I know what I want from my future, who I want to be, what I want to do, but because of the status of the woman I need more powerful help. I appealed to Pope Leo XIII to help me get admitted to medical school. My dreams were ambitious and very big …show more content…

Children who attend my school are from poor, working families or off of the streets. No one was giving these children too much credit for success; however these children become avid learners and love to work and study. Watching them develop was a great reward for me. (Theory of Childhood, Carl Mooney 2000) I try to make a comfortable environment in my school similar to a nice home setting. However, we got some obstacles to overcome, the children are not adults, and they need proper size of furniture, and tools because nothing was available we had to make our own. I try to give a child a chance to a comprehensive development: physical, spiritual, cultural, and social development through spontaneous activity. For help them to develop their personal traits. I think we should review our concept as we look at the child. Child is only a small person with their own, independent personality and we should let them develop their own talents, interests, and strengths.

My ideas affected the fundamental ways how teachers of Early Childhood Education think about children. They were viewed as very radicle, and as a consequence of, I had to leave Italy when Mussolini was in power in 1934 I left for Holland, and I traveled some to India and I was happy to see my ideas and beliefs were an inspiration and was carried on in early childhood education programs. For all of my work I was nominated for the Nobel Prize three times.

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