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Disgrace is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as a “loss of reputation or respect as the result of a dishonourable action”. The word Disgrace has two subtly different meanings- it can either be used as a noun or a verb. A person can be in disgrace (noun) or person can disgrace themselves or others (verb). Either way it implies a dishonourable event occurred that casts a shadow over a person or a group of people. A dictionary definition cannot truly convey what the meaning of ‘disgrace’ is. As with many words in the English language, ‘disgrace’ has a highly elusive nature. This is caused in part by the negative connotations associated with it and, as a result, the subtle nuances that it evokes when used. In the context of the first 50 …show more content…

2. Apartheid The Apartheid in South Africa occurred between 1948 and 1994. The population was racially segregated as a part of the policy of the active government, the National Party (NP). Public services, such as education and health care, were segregated between white and black populations. The services provided to white people were far superior to the services offered to black people. As a result the black majority and other racial minorities were firmly established below the poverty line. Soweto Massacre On June 16, 1976 a student uprising was mobilized when high school students left their classes to march peacefully across Soweto. These students were protesting the fact that they had to learn Afrikaans as well as the general political conditions of the time, in particular the apartheid. The protest was meant to be entirely non-violent and to culminate at Orlando High School where they would all sing a song together. The students never reached their destination. Their peaceful march was met by heavily armed government forces who openly fired upon the crowd. Heavy casualties were sustained and hundreds of children were killed. This event led the country to revolt against the government- an uprising that continued well into the next year. Although the Soweto Massacre received international attention, the Lord Byron Lord Byron was a British poet who was born in 1766 into an aristocratic family.

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