ISIS Summary And Analysis

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In June 2014, a new reign of terror was brought into power amid the political turmoil of the Middle East. The Islamic jihadist militant group ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), also known as ISIL, Daesh, and IS, claims to have established a Caliphate, or religiously led absolute state (‘ISIS Rebels Declare…’). This group has gained notoriety for its brutality towards nonbelievers and those perceived to be western, utilizing social media and the internet to publish brutal execution videos. How is it that such a group has managed to gain and keep members despite it's reputation for cruelty and inhumanity? The answer lies in propaganda and indoctrination, as well as the highly sophisticated recruitment methods ISIS employs. ISIS’s beginnings …show more content…

Through these methods, ISIS recruiters are able to reach potential targets anywhere in the world. In Rukminki Callimachi’s ¨ISIS and the Lonely Young American¨, he interviews one of such targets. A young woman named Alex is contacted by a British ISIS supporter who essentially brainwashes her into identifying with the radical Islamic message. He encourages fellow members to befriend Alex, send her gifts, act as an emotional support system for her, and even offering to find her a husband, all with the intent to make her more susceptible to his dogma (Callimachi). These highly structured emotional manipulations are frequently used by ISIS in order to indoctrinate the easily influenced. These jihadists have developed a guide for their recruiters, describing step by step how to identify potential candidates for brainwashing as well as how to get them to subscribe to radical political and religious ideals (Warius). The guide includes a clear, step-by-step process that even the most inexperienced jihadi could follow. Slowly introducing the recruit to their ideology, the program describes tools for careful quantitative analysis of the subject’s progress. If the target isn’t reacting the way a recruiter expects, he simply drops them and moves along to the next

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