Ibm Developed A Supercomputer Named Watson

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IBM developed a supercomputer named Watson. It was named after the first CEO of IBM, Thomas Watson. A supercomputer operates faster than any other computer. Watson can understand and process natural language (Wagle, 2013). First, Watson gets loaded with materials and then has automatic updates when new information is published. When a question is asked, Watson searches the database to find the possible answers by evaluating the possible meanings of the questions being asked. Watson then rates the quality of the information found and presents the answers with supporting evidence ( Watson can be utilized in the Healthcare setting. The computer can be used for…show more content…
Supercomputers are built as a cluster of identical servers linked together by a network. The IBM Power 750 severs were used to develop Watson (Pearson, 2006). Watson is made up of “ninety IBM Power 750 servers, 16 Terabytes (TB) of memory, and 4 TB of clustered storage” (Vaughn-Nichols, 2011). A terabyte is a measure of storage for computers. It can be defined as 1,024 gigabytes (GB) or approximately one trillion bytes (Rouse, 2015). IBM Power Systems are designed for big data that can adapt to demands of large businesses. They include cloud economics that are secure and can increase optimization of the application (‘IBM power systems - open innovation to put data to work across the enterprise’, 2016). Watson is powered by IBM DeepQA software. The software runs on Linux, which is similar to Windows. It is the software on a computer that enables applications to access the devices on the computer. Linux is developed collaboratively and has advanced memory management (An Overview of the Linux Operating System, 2009). Linux runs faster than Windows and offers more choices with multiple desktops. Linux has individual text files. Linux has shortcuts in the programs and offers command lines to decrease the amount of clicks on the mouse to accomplish a task (Locutus, 2007). The use of electronic health records is becoming more popular within the healthcare field. IBM Watson would
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