Ice Cream Informative Speech

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For the Love of Ice cream Topic: to inform my audience of facts about ice cream Who in here likes icecream? Is anyone allergic or not like ice cream? Those who don't like it, oh man. I am crushed and i don't know how someone doesn't like ice cream! I absolutely love ice cream! I do not have a favorite, i have many! My go-to flavors are mint chocolate chip, blue moon, candy playdough, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, moose tracks, and sherbet. Im sure there are many more but i don't wanna bore you with what I like. I'm pretty sure, every other night, or every other couple of nights, my uncle sends me to mcdonalds for a hot fudge sundae for him and i get an ice cream cone! MMMMMMM!!!!!! It's soothing and definitely hits the spot after dinner Today I will be speaking to you about ice cream, how it started, how it is made, what kinds and different types of ice cream there are, and some reasons why people adore it so much. First, I will start off my telling you a little bit of history behind ice cream and how it started. According to Dairy Goodness, Dairy Farmers of Canada.. 1846, ice cream started to develop and evolve. Just after this time, it quickly spread and the first hand-cranked ice cream freezer was invented in the US at this time. “In 1851, the first large scale ice cream manufacturer opened up in Baltimore, Maryland”, claims Dairy Goodness article. Before all of this, however, frozen milk or cream desserts were enjoyed by the Roman Empire at their banquets, between 54

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