Identification And Description Of Authentication Technology And Network Security

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GAI is a financial institute located in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It is specialized in financial management, loan application approval, wholesale loan processing, and investment of money for their customers. The GAI employs over 1,600 employees and has been growing consistently for nearly six years because, its management strategy has been built on scaling operational performance through automation and technological innovation. However, the GIA has experienced several cyber-attacks from outsiders over the past a few years ago. This attack has conducted the loss of its confidentiality, integrity, and availability for several days, the loss of its reputations, and mostly the loss of its customer data confidentiality. To secure the GAI’s network system, a lot of issues have to be addressed. This paper will cover the identification and description of authentication technology and network security issues, list all access points, it will design a secure authentication technology and network security, list all known vulnerabilities, address concern over the mobile security and design a secure mobile computing, identify wireless vulnerabilities and recommend what safeguards, and finally, design a cloud computing environment for GAI. Because GAI is a financial institution, to secure its facility, a top secret clearance have to be required for everyone who enter its network or facility. GAI’s Computer Security manager (CSM) have for duties to monitor all activity within

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