Security Proposal for the Protection and Data Security of a Government Agency's Data Center

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Security and access privileges will be defined at the role and department levels, with added authentication for system administrators and members of the IT staff. Role-based access to this government facility will be tracked continually and reported using real-time log reporting and analysis (Amsel, 1988). This role-based approach to managing security will provide for inclusion of authentication, detection and deterrence in the areas of social engineering, firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), authentication, security protocols and vulnerability assessments.
Controlling And Managing Social Engineering And Internal Threats
All access to government servers, network devices and maintenance areas of the government agency's data center will be role-based and defined through authentication at a minimum (Amsel, 1988). Access methods will require two-party authentication and for access to server operating systems and rack-mounted servers, biometrics will also be required. One of the most critical success factors to ensuring a high level of security and stability and to guard again social engineering threats is to create and maintain authentication methods that thwart illusionary and coercive-driven access attempts (Burgess, Canright, Engø-Monsen, 2004). By having several roles requires to gain access to data,…
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