Identify Marketing Opportunities Essay example

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Marketing Report May 2013
Claire Della Marta
Identify Marketing Opportunities

Table of Contents

Introduction Background

SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

BCG & GE Model BCG Model & Analysis GE Model & Analysis

S.M.A.R.T Specific Measurable Achievable Time Frame

Strategies & Tactics Strategy 1 Tactic 1 Tactic 2 Tactic 3 Strategy 2 Tactic 1 Tactic 2 Tactic 3
Risk Assessment Guide

Script Objectives Expected Outcomes Definition of any Risks Changes to the company Viability of changes to the company

Appendix A – Opportunities Ranking Analysis
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* The threat of loosing customers to competitors is ongoing specifically with the recent aggressive attacks on key clients and associated revenue. * Decreased availability of coffee has the potential to increase costs therefore losing customers. * Office Break provides a product that to most companies would be considered a luxury. During a period of economic downturn many companies would stop providing these luxuries to their employees in an effort to reduce costs.

BCG & GE Model

BCG Model
After conducting a BCG Model based on Market Growth Rate and Relative Market Share, we have discovered that our most successful product is currently Dispensing Machines. This product falls under the ‘Star’ category, displaying it’s a market leader in a high-growth market. Currently, this product makes up a small portion of Office Breaks revenue. Office Break will continue to distribute dispensing machines and use our increased advertising budget to market this product to focus on increasing sales.

Our products, ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’ are in the category of ‘Cash Cows’ which displays they are market leaders in a low-growth market. Office Break will continue to invest on distribution of these products.

The next category on the BCG model is
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