Identify Preliminary Issues Of The Health Is Affected By Genetics, Environmental Factors, And Socioeconomic Status

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Step One: Identify Preliminary Issues Everyone’s health is affected by genetics, environmental factors, and socioeconomic status. Genetics cannot be prevented but with screenings and early diagnosis, prompt treatment can improve the quality of life for the individual. On the other hand, illnesses and diseases associated with environmental factors and poverty are concerning issues that can be prevented. An alarming 60% of an individual’s health is associated with their social and environmental factors (Huffington Post). Children are especially sensitive to these two factors as they are in their prime years of growth and development. Poverty is highly associated with living in areas with air pollution, high crime, and toxic waste and evidently, not having sufficient funds to pay for food or bills. Poverty stricken parents usually have to make the difficult decision of picking whether to pay for the bills or buy food. Usually, they will choose paying for the bills to try to avoid eviction, leaving the family to portion out small meals in order to survive which can cause children to become malnourished. These poor conditions can lead to various illnesses and diseases such as asthma (New York Times). The chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Boston Medical Hospital, Barry Zuckerman, has helped establish many programs that focus on helping poor families such as the Family Advocacy Program, Reach Out and Read, and Health Leads. Recently, he became concerned with
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