Identify and Investigate an Unknown Microorganism

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INTRODUCTION In the past, and even in modern times like today, it has been vital to distinguish and determine the identities of microorganisms in the world. These identities are not only important in knowing what agent causes various diseases and the treatment to be used, but also in understanding how microbes can be beneficial and valuable to the human body and life as a whole. With that being said, upon beginning this lab, the purpose of this study was to identity and investigate an unknown microorganism by applying the methods that were previously learned and practiced in the microbiology laboratory portion of class.
METHODS AND MATERIALS Upon beginning the unknown lab, I was given the opportunity to choose an unknown broth tube. This tube contained our unknown microorganism and it was my job, based upon the testing methods learned throughout the semester to distinguish which microbe I had chosen. The goal at this point was to create a reserve plate and a working. This was completed by inoculating one TSA plate thoroughly in order to secure a lot of the growth. This plate became my reserve plate. The working plate was created by using the Streak Method that was introduced at the beginning of the semester. With this method, I would soon be able to visualize and record my microbial growth and colony characteristics. These plates were incubated for a week as that is the time span between classes. When returning the class the following week, I obtained both my

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