Identifying Opportunities From The Leeds School Of Business

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Identifying opportunities available to you
I am planning on pursuing a minor in Business from the Leeds school of business. This minor is attractive to me because companies want engineers with an understanding of how they fit into the company as a whole, and a minor in business can help with this. In addition to this, the business minor takes the rigorous engineering courses that engineers must take into account, and, as a result, they have distilled the entire minor down to just 4 courses and 12 credit hours. The accessibility of the business minor makes it a popular choice for people from all different majors. The first courses are titled Marketing and Management and Finance and Accounting. Next, the student must choose a track from the following options: Innovation, Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and Global. Of these courses, I would be most likely to choose Entrepreneurship, as I like the idea of developing business ventures and taking risks. Finally, the student takes the Capstone course called Business Plan Development. This course is distinctive in that entire curriculum entails splitting up into smaller groups and developing a personalized, complete business plan for your own unique business. Each team is able to use the professor as a resource, and the business school also hires local entrepreneurs as coaches to help the teams along their journey. Each of the teams that wins their section moves on to a next level of competition where they present in front of
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