Identifying Team Members' Roles in an Organization

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Identifying Team Members' Roles Each team member possesses both strengths and weaknesses. While the fewer the weaknesses the better it bodes for the team, it is not realistic to assume that all (or even any) team members would have nothing but strengths. Because the team members have come together to be part of a management consulting firm, though, they need to be able to meet client needs in a way that shows them to be capable. Many of the individuals are still in training for certain aspects of their jobs. However, they can currently be effective in those areas with extra guidance, and they can also be highly effective in the areas where they are already strong. It would be best for Joshua to take the reins, because he is good at leadership, time-management, oral communication, multi-tasking, problem solving, and delegating. In short, he offers nearly everything that is needed in a good leader or manager. As a second-in-command, though, he needs Michael. In any area where Joshua is weak or in training, Michael excels, and in any area where Michael is weak, Joshua excels. Between the two of them, they will make a formidable team with much to offer. Michael is also the only one who is strong when it comes to written communication, so the creation of reports, press releases, and anything else that will go to the public or the client in written form should fall to him. At a later date, others may be able to take over that task once they have been properly trained. Theah,
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