Strengths and Limitations of the Belbin Modelof Team Roles

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Question; Critically review the ways in which the Belbin model of team roles might be applied to the recruitment and selection of new team members like the 'John Lewis Partnership '. Consider and outline both its strengths and limitations. Table Of Contents - Introduction Page 1 - Meredith Belbin’s model of team roles Page 1 - Applying Belbin’s model to the selection process Page 1 - Efficiency of application; the strengths and limitations Page 1-2 - Conclusion Page 2 Bibliography; - Case Study; John Lewis and Ocado; Distinctly Successful - Text Book; Management and Organisational Behaviour by Laurie J. Mullins (8th Ed.) - Sue Ridley, 15th November 2010, Groups and Teams Lecture …show more content…

Moreover the correct distribution of roles can improve a groups dynamic by reducing phenomenon’s such as risky shift (Ridley, 2010), which frequently occurs with too many creative and risky decisions being made, this could be as a direct result of a team simply having too many of the plant

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