Identifying the Challenges Faced by the Platinum Concepts Pty Ltd

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Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to identify the challenges faced by the Platinum Concepts Pty Ltd and to propose solutions based on Business Process Management practices and principles. When done a case study, the major cause identified is that most of the functions lack enough strategic planning and they rely on paper based process. Based on the analysis, practicing BPM in Platinum there can be better co-ordination between the functional divisions, organized strategic planning and better time frame which results to desired performance rating of the enterprise and higher customer satisfaction. Introducing Information System which assists the organization to reach these results such as ERP can help in organizing the sales orders, data management, financial reports which can be a part of covering delayed deliveries of the product. Table of Contents i. BPM and Strategy 4 ii. Problem Analysis 6 a. Performance Gap 6 b. Analysed problems in the current process 7 c. Causes and Consequences 8 d. Project Scoping 9 e. As – Is diagram 10 iii. Proposed Solution 11 a. To – Be process 13 iv. Solution Consideration 14 a. Activity cost worksheet 15 v. Recommendations 16 vi. References 17 1.0 BPM and Strategy Business Process Management is a management discipline for managing a business process with a technology/technologies alongside a rapid application development framework to achieve an

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