Identity Formation Of Women During The Chicano Movement

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Between the years 1900-2014, Chicanas/Latinas have defined themselves as strong, independent females in mainstream American society. For many years, Mexican women have fought against stereotypes, oppression among other obstacles in life. Chicanas are expected to portray a certain norm of the ideal Mexican women, mother, daughter, wife. They have resisted and fought back against oppressors and patriarchs that have implemented and molded females to become a “virgin”. This repression has altered identity formation of women, especially among the Mexican community. Society, their culture, family, community has influenced Chicanas identity. Throughout the years, Chicanas identity has changed, especially during the Chicano Movements. Where …show more content…

They faced stereotypes, discrimination, sexism, oppression, and other demeaning behaviors from society. Chicanas over the years identified themselves as Pachuca’s, Lesbians, Feminist among other forms of identification that were seen as taboo in the Mexican community. According to Elizabeth R. Escobedo (2007), Pachuca’s were more than just a fashion rebels but they represented an important symbolic site changing the social landscape of the war years. These young women rebelled against social conventions using style and behavior. Pachuca’s challenged mainstream norms of proper feminine, especially Mexican femininity. (Escobedo, 2007) As Escobedo (2007) mentions in her article, Pachuca’s defined themselves as a group who challenged society’s norms towards females. In exchange, Pachuca’s were criticized and antagonized due to their lifestyle, language, and fashion. They were seen as gang member’s and un-American while being targeted in the riots. (Escobedo, 2007) In Linda Heidenreich’s (2006) article, she argues the intersections of racism and sexism producing a toxic environment for queers of color, especially those queers who cross gender lines. (Heidenreich, 2006) Heidenreich brings awareness to the issue many “queers” face in society, especially those of color which includes Chican@s. Many Chican@s choose to define themselves as queers, but live in a hostile environment being provided by society. One

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