Illegal Immigration Is A Hot Topic Debate

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Illegal immigration is a hot topic debate in today society as many people have their viewpoints on it. Immigration could be the second most talked about maybe first topic behind terrorism. Illegal immigration has been going on since foreigners were allowed in the US in the early 20th century. Even backed then, there were mixed emotions as many Americans did not favor foreigners and there were many attempts to restrict what they were allowed to do. Immigrants come across the border every day. According to Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, 700,000 new illegals enter each year and remain in the country and that there are an unofficial number of 8 to 12 million total stated by the US Department of Homeland Security in 2003 and has only increased. This has only fueled the problem is still going on today as many still do not favor immigrants in the US, especially if he or she is here illegally. Illegal immigration is a two headed beast as there is a good side and a bad side and even though many are against illegal immigration, it is important that illegal immigration is discussed as ignoring it will make the situation worse and that they are allowed to stay in the country because of the benefits that they provide for America.
I believe illegal immigration is a real, significant problem because of the trouble that is being caused by what other people say. Many believe there evil and here to take over the US causing many to dislike them. According to Americans for Legal

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