Illness Narrative Essay

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My Illness Narrative
Sharing and listening to the illness narratives in class is an experience that I do not think I could ever forget. Listening to people share their raw emotions and stories of struggle and illness was eye opening, My own illness narrative could be described as a quest narrative and more specifically an automythology. This is because as I stated in my presentation, I became a better person, adopted skills that helped me deal with my father’s illness, understood what it is like to have someone close to you change due to a disease. The illness narrative allowed me to express the dis-ease of my family and my dad due to his disease.
I told the story of my father’s diabetes and how it affected my life. This is my illness …show more content…

I was probably overthinking it but I didn’t want to talk down my dad in my narrative. He is someone I look up to and cherish and I didn’t think it was a necessary detail to include. I decided to add pictures to my illness narrative because I think it humanized him a little bit as I sort of demonized him by using him as the source of my illness. I added a picture of me and my dad from about 16 years ago when I was about 5 and he was young. It was important for me to show a picture of us at a younger age because I think it adds innocence as I wanted to humanize him, it was perfect. Next I added a picture of my dad with my mom. This was to show appreciation and was also a reminder for me to include my mom who was also affected by my dad’s illness. This was to show that it was not just affecting me but my family as well. Lastly I added a silly picture of me and my dad from a couple of months ago. I wanted to keep my narrative light and did not want to associate darker emotions with my illness. It was very important to me that I did not get emotional, socially I am not ready for that type of exposure to my classmates. As I was chosen to present the first day of presentations, I knew I would have a full house. No one misses the first day due to fear of docked points. This was something that my anxiety heavily considered when I was constructing my narrative. I knew I did not want to get emotional and

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