Illusion Motifs In Shaymus 'The Breakers'

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Illusion motif. Nothing is what it seems. Only until he realizes that it affects his own reality did he tries to
Mills uses the illusion motif in conjunction with the settings. Shaymus’ point of view heavily relies on how he perceives the world. His initial encounter is “the breakers” where his dad booked the vacation home online and the pictures were far more appealing than the reality. Shaymus thought of it as “a picture might be worth a thousand words but it might be all lies”. The illusion of a better scenery rather than the reality stuck Shaymus that there are many deceiving things in this world. The author first introduces to the readers that this is a significant illusion there is more beneath the surface. Similar as such that the Walsh’s family also tries to portray an idealistic view of a happy family while in reality, they are dysfunctional at best.
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In Shaymus’ case, the examples set by his parents are far unfavorable along with the authoritative figures in his life. With an alcoholic father distrusts people whom Shaymus fears that he might get to his breaking point. “In case my old man buries the needle on the drunk meter”. and a mother pretends to a sweeter person in front of her husband... “Behind closed doors…Ma’s kinda this other person I don’t really know.” the author exemplifies dysfunctionality to Shaymus’ life. How does a kid grow up from that? How does it affect him? The root of his distrust and acts of simulation derives from his parents made what Shaymus what he is now—a lone some fearsome lil shit. With an alcoholic father. Most people that he sees as mentors that helps him figures out his life are failures in their own right. Goffman, Shaymus’ guidance counselor, Spitri, and Ms. Mirosca are failures at their own lives. Shaymus’s narrative depicts a picture to create “grown-ups makes becoming an adult looks like the worst thing that can happen to a

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