Images And Images Of Photographs Essay

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Photographs are everywhere —on our work desk, in our wallets, on restaurant walls, and even at photography exhibitions. Every photograph has its own story behind it. However, each photograph does not tell us the complete story and instead captures only a part of it. For this reason, viewers sometimes find themselves confounded between viewing a photograph as fact or an interpretation because they only see a part of what has happened during that captured moment. Yet, we live in this world where most facts can be verified by photography; almost all photographs that surround our lives show evidence about events that have happened. However, some photographs leave out the “before and after” moments, leading us to interpret and hypothesize what could have happened before and after the photo was taken. Sometimes, those interpretations incorrectly lead away from the conclusion –the real fact—behind the photo. Moreover, the place where photographs are displayed is very important because it can give the viewers an idea whether they have accessed to an actual fact or a photographer’s fictional approach. Therefore, because photography creates a sense of actuality, it has the power to influence and shape viewers’ memories through the medium it is viewed, the photographer’s intention, and the usage of aesthetic elements.
To most people, a photograph is a piece of paper that contains information about a specific moment in time. A fascinating thing that humans can do is that they can

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