Immigration : A Good Side And A Bad Side

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Approximately one million people enter the United States each year, with an additional 500,000 entering the country illegally or without documentation. ("Topic Overview: Immigration.") Everything has two sides to it, a good side and a bad side. In this case immigration does have its downsides but most certaintly does it have its benefits too. Immigrations isn 't a bad thing. The majority of illegal immigrants are hardworking people just searching for a better life. They perform the type of menial labor that others are not willing to do, an they are also willing to work for low wages. A large amount of immigrants coming in benifits the population growth, the economy, schools and social services. From the years 1630-1640 the Great Migration brought about 20,000 immigrants to New England. Later on in 1683 the first German immigrants arrived in Pennsylvania.("Immigration Timeline." ) That is when the number of immigrants started to increase. The most recent news about immigration was on march 14, 2014 that the Obama Administration announces will focus on immigration policy changes to stop most deportations of illegal immigrants and instead focus on deporting those who are charged or convicted of felony crimes or that are a threat to the public. ("Immigration Timeline." ) Removing those immigrants who are not safe to be around, I agree with. I am very well aware that some immigrants can be a threat or convicted with crimes but not all. Just because some dont care about getting…

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