Immigration And Poverty Research Paper

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It was a block Monday, an aching day for the financial markets in the US, sequentially for the entire US economy, even in the global economy. The markets at that day were bleeding, all stock market indexes’ screens were filled with red scaring color. Dow Jones lost 1.2 trillion dollars in its market value which was the worst single day losses since this index has been founded in 1869. This deterioration occurred on other stock market’s indexes: Standard & Poor's 500, NYSE Composite and NASDAQ Stock Market. Many signs had been lightened that day, indications of the long term hardship, growing poverty and ongoing debate about the causes and solutions for this situation were clear to the observers and experts. It is a memorable day, it is 29 September…show more content…
Does the immigration system impact negatively or positively in the national economy? In addition to that, Could the immigration system or the immigrants take the responsibility for the economic stumbling? At least in some essential levels? Moreover, the national poverty is on the rise, at this point, does the immigration system feed this category of poor people with more necessitous persons come through it? In addition to that, does this great recession abolish our humanitarian responsibility to the needy and poor persons around the world? Our publics are suffering from unemployment, low wages, and losing the purchasing power. That is completely true, but beside that the majority of them still have basic needs such as food, utilities, communication tools and childcare and education. In some countries, people live far away from the basics of life, no food, no healthcare even many times no water to drink. These peoples’ life is a closed dark box even there is no single bright spot inside it. After that, don’t the rich nations have to help them by all possible ways? Doesn’t the immigration system is one of the…show more content…
Actually with this fact, we are voiding and empting those poor countries from its educated and talented persons, this category of people able to create or participate in any solution plan for poverty. The image is too dark and panic with this reality, there is a huge group injured persons in a far desert, very small number of therapist over there, our immigration system is taking them away and adding this group to this country to get benefits from them. The immigration system has been built from an extreme capitalist view and it should be changed. There is no immigration system among industrialized countries which considers the poor people as a category of immigrants who could be accepted as legal immigrants. Neither an old immigration system like the US Immigration Act of 1965, nor a new system like Canadian immigration reform which has been taken by conservatives. All immigration systems ignore the poor’s completely. Therefore, from a logical angel these systems could never deal with poverty directly because those systems were not established for it. Finally, for all the previous reason I agree with the speaker’s
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