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After Donald Trump's presidential election, he made several tweets about his belief in millions voting illegally being the reason he lost the popular vote. Since then, his administration has started to try to stop voter fraud by ending programs that he believes help illegal immigrants vote, mostly Latinos. In the past Latino Americans have been able to swing an election in one person's favor after groups helped eligible Latino Americans get registered. And throughout the United States history, there have been many tactics used to halt minorities from voting. This most recent movement might restrict many eligible Latino Americans from being able to vote. So there is a paradigm that minorities, like Latinos, are voting illegally, manly …show more content…

Trump hopes to limit the impact of minorities such as Latinos, to better his and other Republicans chances of reelection. In 1970, Latino Americans in the group La Raza Unida were registering to vote as a group, partitioning, and got a few of their own onto the ballot (Suarez 192). They elected two mayors, won majorities in two school boards and two city councils (Suarez 192). If La Raza Unida did not come together to register, or if they were not given that opportunities, they would have never made a difference in those elections. This would not be the first time a certain party would try to hinder a part of the population from voting. According to MassVote, an organization for giving tools to educate voters, and provides a history of voter rights, in 1870 the Fifteenth amendment was passed, giving all men the right to vote, regardless of “race, color, or previous condition of servitude”(MassVote quoting the Constitution). Only ten years later poll taxes and literacy tests were enacted in southern states, placing a barrier in the way of minorities who were not educated enough to pass or could not pay the poll tax (MassVote). Until 1965 many more strategies to limit minorities from voting were used, including states simply taking voting rights away from descendants of slaves. Then The Voting Rights Act was signed into law, stopping practices that inhibit minorities voter rights, and

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