Immigration Migration And The United States

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Immigration and migration are two different things, defines them as “immigration means for an individual or a family to move to a new country from their country of origin with due formalities at the embassy, the word migration denotes the act of moving from one place to another - within a country or across borders, for people or birds, and usually refers not to a single individual or family but a a larger demographic.” Immigrants bring a lot of factors to the United States. From cultural, economic, and jobs. Cultural factors include bringing different religions, teachings, foods, clothing’s, music and arts to the United States. The economy is growing each year with the help of immigrants and is going to …show more content…

Culture is a big thing here in the United States, it’s what defines a person. Having cultures from other countries is a huge advantage to the country, knowing different religions, foods, teachings, history is beneficial to the country. It benefits the country because it’s something different, and different is not always bad; it’s a new way to learn and fix the mistakes. says “Across the board, be it Korean, Ethiopian, or Armenian food, most traditional cuisines emphasize a diet of whole grains, many vegetables, and good fats. As Pollan affirms, there is a very low incidence of ‘first world’ diseases like diabetes and heart disease among people eating traditional diets. As a society, we are greatly informed by the presence of immigrant communities that bring their traditional cuisines to this country. There is much that we have learned and much more that we must continue to learn from immigrants regarding our diets.” Every time you go to New York especially in the suburbs you will see food stands on the sidewalk. Many of those food stands are Hispanics: Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Mexicans. Those small businesses are

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