Immigration Of The United States

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The United States is the home of millions of Americans who are the descendants of immigrants. They were forced to leave their homeland because of the overbearing power of their leaders, crimes they may have committed, oppression and other disasters. Providing a safe haven from those being treated poorly by their country or just providing a new place for people just looking for a fresh start has been America’s tradition since the beginning. Immigrants have played a big role in American history since July 4, 1776 (America), the day the United States was founded. They’ve been able to come to America to find work, open businesses, raise families and so much more. Lately however there has been an influx of people immigrating to America illegally. Our borders have always been open to those in need of a new home, but when it’s done illegally it causes many problems for the Country. Many people from all over the world have come to America either legally or illegally in hopes of a bright future. In fact immigrants, both illegal and legal, make up 12.6% of the American population (Greenblatt). Most of them give up everything they have in order to come to America. One of the reasons is the growing poverty in their own country. Mexico, for example is a poverty stricken country decimated by drug cartels and violent gang activity. Mexicans make up 49% of all unauthorized immigrants living in America (Krogstad). They have come to this land to seek a better future. Not just for them, but

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