Immigration and Interprovincial Migration Within Canada Essays

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Immigration is very important to Canada and the Canadian government, and there are many people that Immigrate to Canada each year. There are many reasons for why people want to move to Canada, because this country offers multiple services and programs for people who need them, and give them rights other countries don’t.
A very important right is personal safety. In Canada, crime rates are low compared to many other countries in the world. This is very important for people who come from countries where there is war, and safety ended for them outside a room. In Canada, people are free to go wherever they please without having to worry if they are being followed or not.
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There were at least 50,000 foreign born students in school in 2012, and about 25% of students in large cities were immigrants who came to Canada specifically for education (according to Statistics Canada). An example of when people moved to Canada for religious and cultural freedom was at the time of the Underground Railroad. Before the American Civil War, African Americans were kept as slaves and treated terribly in America. To find freedom, these people moved to Canada using the Underground Railroad to start a new life and practice their own culture instead of working for others. There were approximately 30,000 slaves who came to Canada at that time.
Just as immigrants come from many different places in the world, they settle in different places in Canada. Most Immigrants tend to settle in cities, either in Ontario or British Columbia. The simple reason why people settle in cities is because it is easier. Support systems available in cities help immigrants settle in and adapt more comfortably to their new home. For example, there are English and French classes offered to the people who cannot speak Canada’s official languages, so they feel more comfortable when interacting with other people. Another reason why people move to these provinces is because of economy. Ontario and British Columbia both have good economies and a variety of companies that people can work for. This helps immigrants to support their families (something most people

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