Impact Of Human Activity On No2 Comparison

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Human Activity Impact on NO2 and CO Comparison
Lynn Dietrich
Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars

Human activity can change the world incredibly fast. We have to monitor those changes the best we can in order to understand any damage that is being done. We use satellites and specialized instruments to monitor the changes in our atmosphere. The levels of pollution that humans are responsible for has to be monitored so that any danger can be avoided. We have to study the components of the atmosphere to understand what is harmful and what is not.
Human Activity Impact on NO2 and CO Comparison OMI, or Ozone Monitoring Instrument, is an instrument that records ozone and other atmospheric parameters (Brill). OMI monitors
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Nitrogen dioxide is formed when lightning strikes (Cotton, 2013). When lightning strikes, the heat causes nitrogen and oxygen to react to form NO, which cools and forms NO2 (Cotton, 2013). It can also be formed by internal combustion engines, power stations, heaters, and gas stoves (Cotton, 2013). Humans are responsible for a large amount of NO2 emissions. If you look at a map of NO2 concentrations, the highest levels will be in large cities with lots of people and cars. NO2 has both a local and global effect. It helps create smog that can be dangerous for people to be around in a city. It also acts as a greenhouse gas that can be harmful to the atmosphere and affect the whole world. It is being studied to see the effects on humans and the…show more content…
It is formed when hydrocarbon fuels are burned (Thompson). CO is mainly produced by industrial processes, some fires, and internal combustion engines (Blakemore and Jennett, 2016). Like NO2, the highest levels of carbon monoxide will be found in places with large cities and industries. Carbon monoxide has local and global effects. High amounts are dangerous to people’s health locally. CO can be spread by winds throughout the troposphere, having a global effect (Ichoku). Carbon monoxide is being studied to see its role in atmospheric chemistry and the ability of the atmosphere to cleanse itself of harmful pollutants (Ichoku). Humans are the source of a huge amount of pollution. Human activity has caused nitrogen dioxide levels to rise. This rise has increased pollution levels and has hurt the atmosphere. Human activity has also caused carbon monoxide levels to rise, but unlike NO2, carbon monoxide can easily be spread around the world by wind. The spread of carbon monoxide has added to pollution and hurt the atmosphere. Human activity can have a very drastic effect on our world in a relatively short amount of time. With the help of satellites and monitoring instruments, we can see those effects and try to act on the data before any major damage is done. As humans continue to pollute the environment, scientists continue to monitor the constant changes in the atmosphere and other components to try and understand
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