No2 Compare And Contrast Essay

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This report will compare and contrast the characteristics and roles of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and their relation to human activity and health. Three main missions, Ozone Monitoring Instrument, Measurement of Pollution in the Troposphere, and Atmosphere Infrared Sounder, pertinent to this study are included. These missions are also compared and contrasted to each other, similar to the two gasses that are the focus of this report. Concerning the gasses, NO2 will be thoroughly discussed. What it is, how it forms and its relation to human activity are also encompassed. In addition to this topics, whether or not NO2’s effects are local and global and the reason it is being studied are conversed. The topics …show more content…

Ozone Monitoring Instrument, or OMI, is a mission formed in coalition with the Netherland’s Agency for Agency for Aerospace Programs, or NIVR, and Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI to help with the EOS Aura mission. It will aid in recording total ozone measurements and other fields related to this topic. The instruments employed on OMI consist of hyperspectral imaging in a push-broom mode to observe the solar backscatter radiation. This hyperspectral component greatly strengthens the accuracy and precision of the ozone data collected. It also allows for pinpoint radiometric and wavelength auto-calibration over the mission timeline. The Earth, as a whole, will be viewed using 740 wavelength bands with a swath that is large enough to gain full coverage in 14 orbits, or one day (Dunbar, 2005).
Measurement of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) is an instrument designed to observe the lower atmosphere and observe how it interacts with the hydrosphere, biosphere, and geosphere. It focuses specifically on carbon monoxide and methane in the troposphere, the sinks, sources, transport, and distribution. It can measure the concentration of carbon monoxide and methane from a vertical column of 5 km. This allows MOPITT to track the origin of the gas. MOPITT is the first satellite sensor to utilize has correlation spectroscopy. These sensors detect produced and reflected

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