Impact Of Information And Communication Technologies

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INTRODUCTION I. Impacts of information and communication technologies (ict) and e-commerce development a. The role of the ICT and the Globalization in the Rise of the e-Commerce Industry. Nowadays, from Americas to Europe, and from Asia to Africa, people are wearing blue jeans, watching MTV, using Apple products, eating burger and sushi. This is a picture of the globalization bringing the world closer through the exchange of goods and services, information, knowledge and cultures. Over the last few decades, the pace of this global integration has become much faster and more dramatic because of major advances in communication, information processing, and transportation technology, including the explosive emergence of the World Wide Web.…show more content…
More than a third of visits to online stores now come from mobile devices such as phones and tablets, boosting the e-commerce industry and the globalization as a whole. Globalization is the common denominator here, pointing out the shift toward a more integrated and interdependent world economy. Actually, technological innovation has made the globalization of markets possible. As already said above, low cost global communication network as Internet has helped to create electronic global marketplaces, and low cost transportation lead to the creation of interconnected global markets. Globalization is creating a worldwide culture: cultural value differences between countries are vanishing, while globalization is bringing some convergence of consumer taste and preference. b. Threats and Opportunities of the Online Business The today trend tends to see more and more customers using e-commerce and the commercial websites’ growth tend to be exponential. The e-commerce sales rose by 20.1 % in 2014, and up to USD 2,356 billions. In 2016, global B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach 1.92 trillion U.S dollars. In fact, the development of both NTICs and consumers’ habits tend to make the world much more reactive and competitive. This new way of doing business can raises some worries and questions. One of the main
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