Impact Of Marketing On International Marketing

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Introduction 1
Company background and situational analysis in the context of international marketing environment 1
Impact of culture on international marketing strategy 1
Current marketing strategies of the corporation by taking into account the context of marketing research 2
Companies international market selection and entry strategies and marketing mixes 2
The influence of Electronic and digital marketing in an international context on the company’s current and future activities 2
Future directions of the company on the basis of above analysis 3
Conclusion 3
References 4

This report is basically concerned with the phenomenon of International marketing. At its simplest level it can be said that …show more content…

Walmart operates a large chain of discount retail stores and headquartered. In Bentonville, The gigantic multinational was founded by Sam Walton in the year of 1962 and it has nearly 12000 stores spread over the 27 countries of the world (Walmart, 2015). If we analyze the company’s current position on the international market we will notice its staggering success and in some parts of the world they have monopolized the market. Actually they are the discount retailers and they have strong footprint in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Their biggest strength is their low prices and availability of all types of products. They are the world’s biggest corporation in terms of revenue.
Impact of culture on international marketing strategy
There is some distinct phenomenon that made the task of international marketing different and complex. One of them is the impact of culture. Multinational corporations always keep in mind its impact while formulating their marketing strategy. Sometimes marketers have to alter a large extent of their marketing mixes to incorporate the cultural influence (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2012). That’s why Walmart has altered their product mixes slightly in the Muslim countries. Not all of types of promotional strategies are suitable in every culture, marketers have to consider the factors

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