Impact Of Max Weber's Theories Of Society

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Max Weber, 1864 – 1920 was a German sociologist who at a very young age was influenced in the theories and writings of history which lead to social theories and studies of society. At the age of seventeen Weber started at Heidelberg University and followed in his father’s footsteps where he pursued law and a variety of cultural subjects such as history, economics and philosophy. Weber suffered a mental breakdown after his father died in 1987. This resulted in Weber collapsing from tension and remorse, exhaustion and anxiety. For the rest of his life he suffered immensely from depression. In one of his attempts to teach he became temporarily paralysed in his back. In 1903 Weber resumed work and went on to publish his essay on “The …show more content…

In this type of authority persons in authority act in accordance to their duties, code of conduct, rules and regulations. Weber’s bureaucracy is known as the Ideal-Type, which is where Weber stated that administration should be efficient and rational in the organisation of human activity. This means the organisation of hierarchy in ways that maximises productivity and eliminates favouritism. There is also a closed model orientation that allows for task to be routine and repetitive. There is also a concept called “iron cage” which means that the external factors of one’s personal life should not affect their ability to work as a public servant. Weber is of the view that public servants should not bring their personal problems into the workplace they must forget about all their problems when entering the workplace. Additionally another important aspect of Weber’s bureaucracy is the characteristics of the bureaucracy. Firstly organisations are bounded by laws or administrative regulations. This is to say that only individuals who have the required qualifications to serve in a certain position are employed. This characteristic ensures standardization and equality in organisations and prevents bias and conflict against employees. Simply it does not allow for persons to be employed because they know someone in a high ranking position. One must possess the qualifications required. Another key principle

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