Impact Of Technology On Society's Progress

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Introduction Technology has been one of the primary driving factors in all of society 's progress. Technology can be defined as the purposeful application of scientific knowledge in the design and devising of objects, materials, and the processes in which these are created. As engineering is the practice of developing technology, it is seen as the primary cause of technological changes in society. With great power, comes great responsibility, and the need for the engineering profession as a whole to incorporate the impact of the technology as a core value is more critical than ever as the rate of technological change accelerates. Engineers must balance the development of technology with the cultural, ethical, political, and social that the technology and its use will have. Despite the need for this responsibility, the engineering profession has faced numerous institutional barriers preventing them from fulfilling these responsibilities. At the core of these barriers is education(Huber). Traditionally, engineering educations have stated ethics, integrity, social responsibility, and compassion as learning outcomes, however few have been able to effectively incorporate them into the undergraduate curriculum(Brodeur and Conlon). Following education, support for moral decision making must implemented at an institutional level. This paper will discuss the responsibility of engineers collectively and as individuals to society. The primary topics will be the responsibility that

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