Impact and Influence of Three Religions in the Middle East

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The three major religions in the Middle east are Judaism, Christianity and Islam, these religions are cause for many disputes in this region. There are key aspects that are the reasons for these disputes. Even though all these religions are monotheistic, they are far from the same, in many different ways. First, the first religion found in this region, Judaism. Judaism began in an ancient country called Canaan. It originated from teachings of the Babylonian religion and their god, Yahweh. The most common symbol of Judaism is the Star of David, which came from many old jewish texts that contained the Star. Although, men are placed as the head of the household in both Judaism and Christianity, in Judaism, the mother is responsible for educated their children in the way of the Jew. Worldwide, there are 13.3 million jews, approximately 37% of this Jewry lives in Israel. The jewish eight day celebration known as Hanukkah is by far there holiest days. It is known as the Festival of Lights for the rituals involving the menorah, a nine-linked candle-holder, and the lighting of one of these candles every day over the course of the eight day festivities. In contrast with Islam and Christianity, Judaism was formed in the country of Canaan far earlier that either of the two and even their places of worship; the synagogue, is a different design and layout as the churches of Christianity and the mosques of Islam. Islam’s roots come from the Middle east where the majority of Muslims
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