Impact of the Maori Population on New Zealand

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2.0 New Zealand's presence accredited to Maoris? Pg2
2.1 Inhabiting the future New Zealand Pg. 2
2.2 Interactions with the Europeans Pg. 4
The Known Rebels from the Maoris Pg. 5
3.1 Hone Heke Pg. 5
3.2 Dame Whina Cooper Pg. 5
4.0 Maoris and their Global Impact Pg. 6
4.1 Basis of industries and a potential workforce Pg. 6
4.2 Adding cultural values to business Pg. 7
5.0 Future of the Maoris: Change and Progression
5.1 Changes in legislative policies Pg. 7
5.2 Increased literacy and educational achievements Pg. 9
6.0 Conclusion
7.0 Reference List

1.0 Introduction
This report discusses the impact the Maori population had on New Zealand. Starting from the 1600 till now, the Maori population has evolved in New Zealand. They were founders of the Island after which the English men came to actually find New Zealand and signing of the treaty and their interactions with the Europeans. The history of New Zealand is incomplete without bringing in the Maori population. The first settler of the land, Maoris also led to the talks and discussions with Europeans. These interactions further promoted the island being annexed by the Europeans and having more and more settlers come in. Unlike many other countries, there is still a significant amount of Maori population residing in New Zealand.
This is also confirmed seeing that the Maori language is one of the national languages. A lot of the Maoris made contributions in shaping…
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