Impairments Of A Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Impairment in communication skills is considered to be one of the most prevalent characteristics of a child with autism spectrum disorder. Even children who are verbal and high functioning are at risk of acquiring significant needs in the area of social pragmatics. Children with ASD also often have difficulty with comprehension of text, narrative or story structure and the more complicated language demands that hold importance once past the second grade (Plumb et al., 2013). Children with ASD who are in need of services, are evaluated by his or her educational team who determine the level of services needed based upon observations, assessments and interviews. The role of the educational team is also to investigate the early stages of language and communicative development in young children with ASD, and compare them to the typically developing child, as these comparisons are important implications for designing the intervention strategies for a child with ASD. This papers focus is to understand how exploring the differences in emergence of language in ASD children and typically developing children, identifying early correlates of expressive and receptive language in the ASD population, and evaluating the efficacy of interventions that target spoken language acquisition as a part of treatment, relate to the role of an SLP. Many different studies looking at the emergence of language in the ASD population compared to typically developing children show that there is a
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