Imperialism And Its Effects On America

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Ashley Mooney
Global Crisis
October 2015

Imperialistic Racism

Imperialism is nearly unheard of today, because historically it emerges from and promotes racist ideologies. Though some would argue the practice is progressive, the accomplishments of Imperialism are enormously out-weighed by the damage it has done. Often it resulted in the deaths of innocent people, occasionally millions, as was the case in the Congo in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the early Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries. Rudyard Kipling and President Roosevelt are two individuals who thought of Imperialism as an act of servitude. However, two other men, King Leopold and Christopher Columbus have single-handedly proven the horrid circumstances that Imperialism characterizes and the racism it tirelessly advocates. To promote Imperialism, is to promote the idea that a superior race exists. Simply, Imperialism has existed because racism prevailed, and without racism it has no function.
The worst instances of Imperialism in the last half millennium, occurred under Columbus and King Leopold. While Columbus came to America and either pushed the natives away or took them with him, Leopold had never been to the country he orchestrated a genocide in. Though he did not physically conquer it himself, Leopold officially stole it by assuming it in his will. In either instance, they were responsible for the calculated stealing of land and brutal mass murder: both white European men, both looking to…
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