Implementation Of An Erp Implementation Plan

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ERP IMPLEMENTATION PLAN The implementation of an ERP system requires multiple steps that must be coordinated and properly planned to ensure the effectiveness of the intended balue and benefits are derived. The following steps outline a brief but effective process plan for an organizational implementation. A. Management must first conduct a complete feasibility study to evaluate the current status and assess the organizations needs by ensuring to determine the readiness of existing hardware, software, databases and expertise internally available to the organization. This survey process will allow for the development of goals and objectives that will need to be met in order for the ERP implementation to be successfully completed. This analysis also is an important stage in determining the break-even point and ultimately the ROI for the ERP implementation. B. The next major area involves the education process and recruiting process of end users who will be involved in the entire implementation phase. C. Following step B a steering committee should be formed that is comprised of all functional areas of the organization that will included in the implementation process. This ensures that specific interest of the individual areas needed for data transactions are not omitted and carefully evaluated along the implementation process. D. ERP systems are typically procured from business solution companies that also provide for system consultants who are very critical to the
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