The Position Of Through Thick And Thin Sauces Company

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The purpose of this report is to evaluate the position of Through Thick & Thin Sauces Company and identify how Enterprise Applications may be able to assist in Decision Making and control of the company. Through Thick & Thin Sauces is a family business with the 40 years’ experience. The business specialises in the manufacture of food products for the catering industry. The business mainly manufactures sauces such as curry, chilli and various pasta sauces. The company has grown from small family run operation to a mass manufacturing operation. Through Thick & Thin Sauces faces the issues such as late payments to suppliers, over ordering of stock, stuff levels, poor communication and collaboration between departments and
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Enterprise resource planning
Enterprise resource planning systems provide functions for managing business areas such as production, distribution, sales, finance and human resources management. Through Thick & Thin Sauces company my benefit from implementing ERS in their enterprise from better decion making to integration of all internal and external processes. The other benefits such as better sharing of information within the organisation, simplified support and maintenance which result in increased efficiency and quality of customer service. However ERP systems are high in costs charged by suppliers for what is a large complex system, also implementation of the major organisational change required by the systems-a major planning, training and development effort is needed to successfully introduce a system which would radically change both the information systems and the business processes of the organisation. Such a systems may be suitable for Through Thick & Thin Sauce, through the use of application programing interfaces ERP systems which allow for some customisation without requiring a whole new system. This customisation may provide a standard method of exchanging data between software and allow programmers some access to ERP software package. Mixed systems can provide capability by defining standards at the communications interface level and all software must work to a common interface. However, the choice made should be directed by the
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