Implementing Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Kayla Neatherlin
Grand Canyon University

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Society is becoming more reliant upon technology every day. Technology is found in hospitals, banks, grocery stores, homes, and schools across the nation. As technology becomes more prevalent in the classroom, teachers need to learn how to use it effectively. Differentiating instruction, facilitating learning, enhancing communication, and facilitating instruction are all appropriate ways to use technology in the classroom (Standards for Teachers). Once these types of technology are mastered, student performance, creativity, and thirst for knowledge should begin to increase. …show more content…

Section Two: Communications Plan
No matter where one lives or what job is held, one thing remains necessary for success to occur, communication. Effective communication enables bosses to communicate with employees, family and friends to talk with one another, and teachers to communicate with students and parents. It is this communication that lays the ground work for success in any situation. Today, many people rely on various forms of technology to communicate with one another. The advancements in technology make sending out important reminders, cute pictures, or a simple life update quick and efficient. It is no different in the world of education. Teachers must learn how to use effective technology communication tools such as class websites, social media, e-mail, and text alerts to communicate quickly and effectively with both parents and students while preserving the safety and security of students working online.
Technology to Enhance Communication
Class Websites: Class websites are a great communication tool that allows the teacher to communicate with parents, students, and the global community at large. These websites can be used to communicate basic information, such as the teacher’s background and classroom policies (Dunn, 2011, pg. 60-62). Different levels of complexity allow teachers to decide the purpose of the website and how much time needed

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